Photo Credit: Kristen M. Caldon

Made up of existing public lands surrounding Grand Canyon, the proposed Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument is a world-renowned landscape held dear by Native American tribes, local communities, as well as visitors from around the globe. Visitors to the region generate millions of dollars each year for the economy and supports thousands of jobs.

What’s at Stake?

The rugged cliffs, pine forests, deep canyons and grasslands protect and provide clean drinking water for this parched region and the people downstream who depend on the Colorado River. The area is also home to countless opportunities for outdoor recreation and spiritual renewal.

Grand Canyon Region Under Threat

Despite decades of efforts to protect the Greater Grand Canyon region, mounting threats from toxic uranium mining and the loss of old-growth forest continue to put water quality, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities at risk.

More than a half million people have pledged support for creating a national monument on lands near Grand Canyon National Park and poll after poll shows overwhelming support for efforts to reduce threats in the region. Working together with Native American tribes, local business owners and officials, and those who recreate and value public lands, there is an opportunity to protect the region for future generations.

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